Automated deployment for .NET

Octopus Deploy is a friendly deployment automation system for .NET developers.

Octopus works with your build server to enable reliable, secure, automated releases of ASP.NET applications and Windows Services into test, staging and production environments, whether they are in the cloud or on-premises.

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The key to removing friction and risk from application deployment is automation. By automating your deployments to test, staging and production environments, you will find that:

  • Deployments become faster and more reliable
  • Team members will be able to trigger test and staging deployments, removing the burden on release engineers
  • Your team will have greater visibility into the current state of deployments
  • Production deployments become less scary

By making deployments more consistent and reliable, you'll also be able to deploy more often. This tightens your feedback loop with testers and end users, increasing the odds of delivering great software.

"We are saving about 1.5 days man days a week. It used to be impossible to do more than one a week. Now I can easily push code with OctopusDeploy to QA and then do some rudimentary checks and then promote to Production as well as our fail over environment."

David Strickland, CTO of MyDealerLot

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We designed Octopus Deploy to fit into teams looking to follow continuous delivery and Agile practices. You won't find a "Deploy to Production from Visual Studio" feature in Octopus. Instead:

  1. Developers commit code to your existing source control system
  2. Your existing continuous integration/nightly build server builds the code, runs unit tests, and produces artifacts ready for deployment
  3. Octopus takes the built artifacts and deploys them to different environments, and manages the configuration changes between them
How Octopus fits into your process
  • ASP.NET and WebAPI application deployment
    Octopus can deploy ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Nancy and Web API projects. Your application will be packaged into a NuGet package, and Octopus can take care of updating IIS, running configuration file transforms, and updating connection strings.

  • Windows Service deployment
    Executables and services can be deployed easily using Octopus. You can use a PowerShell script to register or update the service which Octopus will invoke, and Octopus can also take care of application settings.

  • Deployment from JetBrains TeamCity
    Octopus has first-class support for TeamCity, with a plugin that makes it easy to deploy or promote releases in Octopus as soon as a build finishes in TeamCity.

  • On-premises or private cloud servers
    Simply install a lightweight agent called Tentacle onto your physical or virtual machines, and Octopus will be able to push application packages to them. The agent will extract the package, apply configuration changes, and run any installation scripts. Security is guaranteed thanks to a two-way trust relationship using X.509 certificates.

  • Amazon EC2
    Amazon EC2 virtual machines can also run the Tentacle agent service, giving you the ability to push your applications to the cloud.

  • Windows Azure
    Octopus includes special support for Windows Azure Cloud Service deployments; just package up your Cloud Service package, and Octopus can deploy it. Octopus can also deploy to Windows Azure virtual machines using the Tentacle agent.

  • FTP/FTPS servers
    Octopus can apply configuration changes and run scripts before uploading packages to any server that supports FTP or FTPS. Octopus will perform a sync, so that only the files you changed will be uploaded.

Our 45-day trial lets you download and try Octopus Deploy for free. Check out the resources on the right to help you get started.

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